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"Discipline weaves a wicked web of lush, whimsical melodies, cynical stories and melancholy theatrics—so disturbing some fans have pegged lead-man Matthew Parmenter as 'unstable.'"
- Heidi Olmac, Orbit.

" of the most important bands to come out of America in
the last 25 years."
- New Zealand rock critic Kev Rowlan

Performing and recording since 1987, DISCIPLINE released its fourth studio album, To Shatter All Accord, in 2011. The album includes the 25 minute song suite "Rogue." John Collinge, publisher of Progression Magazine, acknowledged To Shatter All Accord with the publication’s highest marks in his review (16 out of 16 stars).

The band's best known album is Unfolded Like Staircase, released in 1997. With four sprawling epics, including "Canto IV (Limbo)" and "Crutches," Unfolded Like Staircase is considered by some to be one of the best progressive rock albums of the 1990s. In The Dutch Progressive Rock Pages, Brian Watson goes further: "Unfolded is my favourite progressive rock album of all time. In over 30 years of listening, and out of a collection touching 1500 albums, Unfolded Like Staircase is ‘the one’"
(DPRP Volume 51).

The CD Push & Profit (1993) introduced DISCIPLINE to an international audience supported by a tour of Norway. The band also recorded a virtually unknown first album, Chaos Out of Order (1988), that remained out of print for twenty-five years until the band's indie label, Strung Out Records, reissued the recording in 2013.

DISCIPLINE has also released three live albums: This One's for England (2014 double CD), Live Days (2010 double CD on Cyclops/GFT), and Into the Dream (1999 on Syzygy/SOR).

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The band has appeared at several notable progressive rock festivals. In 2015 the band drew praise at UK's Summer's End festival in Chepstow, Wales, with reviews declaring DISCIPLINE "the band of the weekend." In 2012 DISCIPLINE appeared at RoSfest, the Rites of Spring progressive rock festival in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. That performance can be viewed as an Amazon Instant video. In 2008 DISCIPLINE performed at NEARfest (Northeast Art Rock Festival). Other festival appearances include Terra Incognita (Quebec, Canada), ProgScape, Orion Studios (Baltimore, Maryland), and ProgDay. In a recent article in the Ferndale Friends newspaper, Jeff Milo writes, "Go online and you'll find various zines, blogs, and sites devoted to 'prog' music sending some substantial love toward Detroit's Discipline."

DISCIPLINE's earliest live shows were memorable for unusual theatrics. Parmenter (a.k.a. the Magic Acid Mime) would wear different costumes and act out the songs. Though the costumes have long since gone away, spontaneity remains a hallmark of DISCIPLINE's stage presence. "I think most of it comes from playing live," says Parmenter in The Observer and Eccentric newspaper. "If something goes wrong, it's kind of interesting how you will get out of it."

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The band is now recording its fifth studio album with current members Paul Dzendzel, Chris Herin, Mathew Kennedy, and Matthew Parmenter.


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"The Nursery Year"

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"Canto IV (Limbo)" Live

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To Shatter All Accord cover

To Shatter All Accord (2011)

This One's For England cover

This One's For England

Live Days cover

Live Days (2010)

Into The Dream cover

Into The Dream (1999)

Unfolded Like Staircase cover

Unfolded Like Staircase (1997)

Push & Profit cover

Push And Profit (1993)

Chaos Out Of Order cover

Chaos Out Of Order (1988)


“…just WOW! Discipline were band of the weekend for me, from the start they were enigmatic and breathtakingly powerful putting on a quintessential performance topped off with the quite wonderfully visceral vocals of Matthew Parmenter who lived every word he sang …Discipline are a simply stunning band…”
- Jez Rowden,

“US band Discipline take the audience by the scruff of the neck with a set of astonishing intensity
….they leave to massive and deserved acclaim.”
- Allison Henderson,
Jerry Ewing, and Steve Pilkington, PROG MAGAZINE

“Most memorable sound of the weekend? The noise of a multitude of jaws hitting the floor when they first heard this band mesmerizing the crowd with a breathtaking
performance of intense, dark and poetic progressive rock….Almost certainly one of the best performances this reviewer has ever witnessed in a festival setting – sheer class. Quite simply the ‘Band of the Weekend’.”
- Leo Trimming,