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Named after the village near Quedlinburg in Germany’s Harz Mountains, HEDERSLEBEN’s mandate was to unapologetically embrace the sound of early progressive rock and krautrock.

Founder Nicky Garratt, prior to his pivotal role as the guitarist of UK Subs, was a part of the progressive rock scene in the early ‘70s, both as a fan and in his band Hole.

Garratt: "After seeing Curved Air, ELP, and King Crimson in 1971, I just was hooked on prog rock. Our small group of outcasts found a community that valued musicality above chart success. This has always stuck with me and propelled me back to the days of gatefold concept albums."

Embryo’s Uve Mülrich and Garratt watched the Embryo documentary Vagabunden Karawane at Garratt’s farm in Hedersleben. "The theme music to the film is wonderful. Uve and I played that and jammed for a while over a weekend. This was when I knew I had to play progressive music again."
The next year Nicky was brought in as musical director/guitarist/writer for Nik Turner (ex-Hawkwind), and HEDERSLEBEN arose from the backing band he put together for Turner’s Space Gypsy album. The band are based in San Francisco.

(Nicky Garratt – Guitar, Kirsten Bean – Vocals/Keyboards/Guitar, Kephera Moon – Keyboards/Vocals, Bryce Shelton – Bass, Jason Willer – Drums),
recorded the debut album Upgoer in 2013, back-to-back with Brainticket’s Past, Present & Future, for which Garratt also was the musical director, guitarist, and co-writer. Turner with HEDERSLEBEN toured the USA and Canada in 2013. An excerpt from Upgoer was used in the horror film Devil’s Domain, starring Michael Madsen.

(Nicky Garratt – Guitar, Kati Knox – Vocals, Kephera Moon – Keyboards/Vocals, Bryce Shelton – Bass, Jason Willer – Drums),
recorded their second album Die Nuen Welten in 2014. Following this was a special show with guest and prog fan Captain Sensible in Oakland, followed by another Turner/HEDERSLEBEN tour introducing Ariana Jade on violin and vocals.

(Nicky Garratt – Guitar, Ariana Jade – Vocals/Violin, Kephera Moon – Keyboards/Vocals, Ursula Stuart – Bass/Vocals, Jason Willer – Drums),
recorded the epic The Fall of Chronopolis concept album with guest Jai Young Kim on additional synthesizers in 2014. After the recording HEDERSLEBEN signed to Cleopatra Records, who picked up this album and their back catalog. The third tour with Nik Turner followed with Jai Young Kim on bass filling in for Stuart.

(Nicky Garratt – Guitar, Jai Young Kim – Keyboards, Doc Miller – Bass/Vocals, Alicia Previn – Vocals/Violin, John Daren Thomas – Drums),
recorded Orbit in 2016. The guest vocalist for the album and subsequent tour (again with Nik Turner) was Alicia Previn, daughter of conductor André Previn. The track "Rarefied Air" from Orbit was used in Peter O’Toole’s final film Diamond Cartel, also starring Armand Assante.

Hedersleben photo

are writing material for The Great Hydration another concept album based on a book by Barrington J.Bayley.

Nicky Garratt – Guitar
Garratt studied classical guitar before turning to electric. In 1972 he played with Simon Honeyboy Hickling (Steve Marriott/Bo Diddley) in Piltdown Man. He formed progressive rock band Hole, which morphed into a band which moved to London, including sax player Geoff "JB" Blythe (Dexys Midnight Runners). In 1977, Garratt joined the UK Subs and enjoyed international acclaim and chart success.

Jai Young Kim – Keyboards
Kim is classically trained in piano, violin, and composition. He also plays guitar and bass, the latter which he played on the HEDERSLEBEN/Nik Turner USA/Canada tour in 2015. He played keyboards with Secret Chiefs 3 and is the owner of San Francisco recording studio Feast or Famine.

Doc Miller – Bass/Vocals
Miller studied Javanese Gamelan music at CalArts and also plays guitar. He plays bass with HEDERSLEBEN and Nik Turner’s Hawkwind.

John Daren Thomas – Drums
Thomas has a B.A. from Humboldt State University in percussion. He has traveled through Africa studying traditional rhythms. Thomas’s father, John “J.T." Thomas, played keyboards with Captain Beefheart.

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from The Fall Of Chronopolis (2015):

"An Empire"

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(Bass, Vocals)



Life In Space cover

Nick Turner:
Life In Space (2017)
(Hedersleben backing)

Orbit cover

Orbit (2016)

The Fall Of Chronopolis cover

The Fall Of
Chronopolis (2015)

Die Neuen Welten cover

Die Neuen Welten (2014)

Past Present and Future cover

Brainticket: Past, Present
and Future
(Recorded 2013)
(Hedersleben backing)

Upgoer cover

Upgoer (2013)

Space Gypsy cover

Nick Turner:
Space Gypsy (2013)
(Hedersleben backing)


"[Orbit] sounds really great and is totally satisfying in every way...This San Francisco based musical outfit creates a stirring Space-Rock that hits all the right notes. It’s nostalgic only in a sense that you can hear a direct musical linage from late sixties Psychedelic sounds and seventies bands like Hawkwind, but then Hedersleben’s music is so self-contained that it delivers a fresh take on those sonic vibes...a great addition to your collection."

"Expect to be taken back to the early '70s once again with this stunning album from Hedersleben, proof that glorious space rock & prog is alive and well here in 2015.”
- Wizard Hat 87,

"’s spacey, it's rhythmic, it's repetitive - it's great. It has all the elements I love best about about Hawkwind (with the exception of Dave Brock). In fact, dare I blaspheme, I enjoy The Fall of Chronopolis better than anything the Hawks have released in the last decade or so. If you like spacerock, you should love this one...five out of five stars”
- Jeff Sargent,

"...emotional highs and lows that burrow into your psyche, sometimes sounding like the score of an Italian horror film...Fans of Rush, Hawkwind, and King Crimson should take note.”
- Tim Murr,

"This is a new, fresh take on music for a higher purpose, but my words don't do it justice. Go give all... of their albums a listen and then go experience Hedersleben live.”