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Luz De Riada

LUZ DE RIADA was formed in 2010 in Mexico City by multi-instrumentalist Ramsés Luna (former member of Cabezas de Cera). The approach was to create a musical collective of talented musicians from other bands and projects which combined elements of jazz, experimental music, avant-garde and progressive rock. The result is a rich eclectic mix that defies labels with its original sound.

The band released its debut in 2011, Cuentos y Fábulas (Tales and Fables) to great international critical and fan acclaim. Following 3 years of touring and shows in Mexico, Chile and Argentina, they released their second album Cuentos y Fábulas vol 2, a live compilation of several key performances in Mexico City from 2012 and 2013. The final installment of the Tales and Fables trilogy was released this year.

In 2016, the band begins a new chapter with LUZ DE RIADA’s first shows in the US and the current lineup is working on new material for the next musical adventure.

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Ramsés Luna

In addition to forming LUZ DE RIADA in 2010, Ramsés was a member of Cabezas de Cera from 1998 to 2011, and participated in all of their albums and tours, performing in Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, India and the USA. He has also performed and done studio work with various artists such as Lynn Cassiers (Belgium), Juan Pablo Villa, Raul Fernández Refree, Silvia Perez Cruz (Spain), Guillermo Velázquez y los Leones de la Sierra de Xichú, Cráneo de Jade, Grupo Quál (Rockdrigo González), Kavhe Parma (Irán), La Orquesta de los 13 Zalbajes (Dir. Germán Bringas), Decibel, Palo de Ron, Pez Diablo, El Códice Laúd. Alongside Bolivian saxophonist Marcos Miranda (Sociedad Acústica de Capital Variable) they propel the free improvisation project titled "Expedition Log." In addition to ongoing work with LUZ DE RIADA, he is also part of the Pascal Gutman Trio. Since 2013, he has served as Professor and director of the Experimental Orchestral Workshop at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Luis photo

Luis Nasser

Luis is an original member and founder of progressive rock band Sonus Umbra, formed in Mexico city back in 1993 and currently established in Chicago. Moving to the American East Coast in 1995, he has released 6 albums with Sonus Umbra, touring across the USA, Canada and Mexico. From 2003 to the present he has been bassist with instrumental acoustic guitar quartet Might Could, releasing four critically acclaimed albums and performing in the USA, Mexico, Canada, France and Germany. From 1997 to 2005 he was bassist with Baltimore Progressive Metal band Kurgan's Bane, releasing 3 albums. He also continues to record with Pete Laramee, appearing on Alone but Not Lonely (2002), Childhood Memories (2008), Seven String Cinematoid (2011) and Chin Music (2016). He has also served as bassist in Jethro Tull tribute band Silver Pipe (2008-2011), Kevin Gilbert Tribute Band The Champions of Nothing (2008 -2012), and continues to play with ELP tribute Fanfare (2011 to present). He has performed with many other artists including: Phideaux, Nick D'Virgilio, Brittany Lee Moffitt, Origin of Animal, Gunnel Pumpers, Brian Harris, Johnny Unicorn, Izolda, Uncle Gut, Dysfunktional Family and the Laramee Brute Squad.

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Aaron Geller

Since 2003 Aaron has been working as a professional guitar player based in the Washington D.C. area, and also joined Might Could, who has released four albums and played shows and festivals in USA, Mexico, Canada, France and Germany. He performs in the national touring band Funk Ark, and works with Sonus Umbra, Brittany Lee Moffitt, and Fractales, and as a session artist at Record Arts Studio, recording for Margot MacDonald, Joe Peck, and Tina Lundelius, among others. He regularly plays with other prominent musicians in the Washington D.C. area including Greg Loman, Thomas Murphy, and Donald Wolcott. He also teaches as an independent music teacher and in music programs, including a music camp run by the National Guitar Workshop, where he became director in 2008.

Brandon photo

Brandon Cameron

Brandon has been a drummer and percussionist since 2002 and also works as an arranger and songwriter. He has played and recorded with an array of artists including Marcus B. Montgomery, LA Vangogh, and Jeremy Foster (and The Nuance).

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Music To Check Out:

fromCuentos y Fábulas 3 (Tales and Fables Vol 3) (2016):

• "Playball"
• "Satan Carroña"

from Cuentos y Fábulas 1 (Tales and Fables Vol 1) (2011):

• "Parlamento Saurio"

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(Saxophone, Midi Woodwinds, Vocals)



(Drums, Percussion)


Tales and Fables Vol 3 cover

Cuentos Y Fábulas 3
(Tales and Fables Vol 3)

Tales and Fables Vol 2 cover

Cuentos Y Fábulas 2
(Tales and Fables Vol 2)

Tales and Fables Vol 1 cover

Cuentos Y Fábulas 1
(Tales and Fables Vol 1)


“Luz de Riada, an excellent Mexican avant-jazzy-prog band whose album 'Cuentos Y Fábulas' is one of the most exciting album heard lately by Yours truly. I am completely sold and enthusiastic about this great gem of the contemporary music. VIVA MEXICO!”
- Leonardo Pavkovic,

“Wonderful! A new and fresh musical project has just arrived from the heart of Mexico. Luz de Riada offers more than only music, their compositions share a concept, which makes the listener create their own images and stories, so while you listen to them, you will surely have what I call 'music totally visual.'”
- memowakeman, PROGARCHIVES