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Philadelphia-born independent band iNFiNiEN combines eclectic musical personalities into a visionary, unified force. Using rock, jazz, soul, world, and classical influences, the quartet plays intricately composed songs with a focus on improvisation. Far from the typical rock band, they explore new territories of sound by using exotic scales, chords, and rhythms.

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Having already explored and expanded their sound thoroughly on the previous three studio recordings, 2022 sees the band coming up on their fifth and most full realized independent release to date. Dripping in atmosphere, adventurous arrangements, psychedelic landscapes, improvisation, and soulful vocal performances with existential lyrics, Beyond the Veil is the band’s most lucid and expansive statement.

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Music To Check Out:

from Beyond The Veil (2022):

• "Beyond The Veil" (Official Music Video)
on YouTube

• "Wheel To Nowhere (Good Luck)"
on Bandcamp

from Live At Beardfest (2019):

• "Despierta"
on Bandcamp

from iNFiNiEN (2009):

• "Aquatica" (Official Music Video)
on YouTube

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(Lead Vocals, Keyboards)

(Bass and Vocals)



(Flute and Vocals)


Beyond The Veil cover

Beyond The Veil (2022)

Live At Beardfest cover

Live At Beardfest (2019)

Light At The Endless Tunnel cover

Light At The Endless Tunnel (2017)

iNfiNien cover

iNFiNiEN (2009)

How To Accept cover

How To Accept (2006)

"As reviewer I am searching for references, but the music is so original. Yes we are listening to real progressive music...
iNFiNiEN impressed me with this wonderful Light At The Endless Tunnel album. The band consists out of highly skilled musicians/composers and has with Chrissie Loftus an amazing singer on board. Besides jazz and classical influences the music of the band is a real melting pot of musical styles. All those different styles are integrated into their own original music. This gem is a real progressive album for the open-minded music lover and therefore highly recommended by progVisions!"
- Douwe Fledderus, PROGVISIONS

"iNFiNiEN are the best band Frank Zappa never had in his lifetime...15/15"
- Frank Bender, Betreutesproggen.de

"...Light at the Endless Tunnel is for me a true gem that no friend of the demanding music should miss."
- Siggy Zielinski, Babyblaue Seiten Prog Reviews

"Light at the Endless Tunnel is a fusion of jazz and psychedelic progressive rock that will absolutely delight those of you with a certain knack for that kind of jams. The entire album is a lovely and wonderful experience that’s only rarely come across."
- Daev Tremblay, Can You Even Call This Music?

"I admit, I was amazed by Light at the Endless Tunnel, an album that really comes out of the beaten track and dares a released music, the epitome of an adventurous jazz-rock-progressive!""
- Gabriel, Progcritique.com