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As the name suggests, psychedelic/progressive outfit KARMIC JUGGERNAUT is an overwhelming force of sound. Known for their intense musicianship, unique songwriting, and the soaring vocals of singer Daimon Santa Maria, the Asbury Park-based band has amassed a cult following in recent years.

The group released their debut full-length album, The Dreams That Stuff Are Made Of, in 2018. Recorded and mixed at their NJ studio, The Hangar, the album was a departure from the band’s earlier recordings, featuring new frontman Daimon Santa Maria, keyboardist Jake Hughes, a robust horn section (Joe Gullace & Ian Gray), mallet work by percussionist AJ Merlino, theremin by bassist Cody McCorry, and an array of other instruments. The result is a vintage-inspired album with a postmodern view of psychedelia. The record garnered several accolades including an Independent Music Award for Top Funk/Fusion Album and the praises of legendary drummer Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Winery Dogs, Sons of Apollo) who put the album in his Top 10 of the year noting “shades of King Crimson, Zappa, Mr Bungle, Bigelf, The Mars Volta, Yes…”.

KARMIC JUGGERNAUT’s sophomore LP, entitled Phantasmagloria, was released on April 28th, 2023. Phantasmagloria is a full-length concept album born out of the pandemic, dealing with themes of idol-worship, runaway conspiracies, anti-intellectualism, the occult, and lucid dreaming.  The record takes place within a “lost” radio broadcast from the fictional WKRM The Kream (also the band’s private label), a concept explored on The Dreams That Stuff Are Made Of (2018). Phantasmagloria is now available via digital download, streaming on all platforms, vinyl, and CD.

In addition to their work with KJ, the members of the group are involved in a plethora of projects including Cody McCorry’s own We Used To Cut The Grass (occasionally featuring Ike Willis of Frank Zappa’s band), Thank You Scientist, Homeless Apians, Bone and Marrow, Hive Mind, Ocean Avenue Stompers, and many more. 

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(Guitar, Vocals)

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Phantasmagoria cover

Phantasmagloria (2023)

The Dreams That Stuff Are Made Of cover

The Dreams That Stuff
Are Made Of

Great Again! cover

Great Again (EP)

Karmic Juggernaut cover

Karmic Juggernaut (EP)

"Damn!  Just got turned onto this amazing psychedelic progressive jazzy band and am BLOWN AWAY!  I’m definitely now a fan and this is also definitely in my Top 10 Of 2018.  Shades of King Crimson, Zappa, Mr Bungle, Bigelf, The Mars Volta, Yes... BRAVO"
- MIKE PORTNOY (Dream Theater, Winery Dogs, Adrenaline Mob, Sons of Apollo)

"Progressive rock was my main egress into music; I grew up listening to bands like Yes, Pink Floyd, Gentle Giant, Camel and more. The beauty of this opening sentence is that all of these bands are relevant when we come to talk of Karmic Juggernaut with a dash of Primus and Frank Zappa to boot... It’s chock full of fun, exciting and bewildering moments of progressive goodness."
- Eden Kupermintz, HEAVY BLOG IS HEAVY

"There is so much going on in there. It is a really, really interesting album to check out…Pushing the boundaries which is what prog is all about. You definitely, definitely need to check this album out. It’s outstanding."

"If you, like me, find great succor in the finest art, I think you could scarcely do better than to dine on this scorching musical blend. Passion. Wit. Depth. Terror. Laughter. Rage. Love and Light. Menace."
- Steve Conrad, Progarchives