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Moon Letters is a rock band from Seattle, USA that formed in 2016.  They deliver electrifying live shows that blend progressive song structures with memorable melodies, technical complexity, and theatrical stage performance. These elements have led to thrilled audiences and a growing international fan base.

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Their debut album, Until They Feel the Sun, was released in 2019 with renowned producer Barrett Jones (Foo Fighters) at the helm.  A concept album exploring the Selkie mythos of the North Sea, the album received very positive reviews internationally. Mark Preising of Prog Rock Central wrote: "Please get this album and enjoy every minute of it, like I did. Right now, it is my favorite prog album of 2019."  After a stunning performance at that year's Seaprog festival (opening for Reuter and Gunn), Moon Letters quickly found themselves at the vanguard of the new wave of American progressive rock.

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Their second album, Thank You From the Future was produced in Seattle by Robert Cheek (Band of Horses).  It was released in late 2022 and has been rabidly embraced by prog fans throughout the world. The album's lyrics explore personal growth, the future of the world, and sci-fi imaginations of the space age. Musically, the band dances between complexity and immediacy, navigating odd time signatures, multi-part harmonies, and moving from the jarring and angular to the sweet and sublime.  Fans of classic 70s progressive rock will likely find some familiar sonic handrails to hold while being whisked into new, more modern directions and complex territory. 

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So far, 2023 has seen Moon Letters touring both the East and West coasts of the USA, in addition to blowing the roof off the Terra Incognita Festival stage in Quebec City, Canada (opening for Anekdoten and La Maschera Di Cera).  The band is currently scheduling festival appearances for 2024. With two memorable records and a live show that leaves audiences floored, the band is ready to howl at the moon as they take on bigger stages and plan for future albums.

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Thank You From The Future cover

Thank You From The Future (2022)

Until They feel The Sun cover

Until They Feel The Sun (2019)

"A listening recommended for all Prog lovers, both for purists and for those who love the most modern sounds, in my opinion a masterpiece of the genre and one of the best albums listened to in recent years."
- Jacopo Vigezzi, Progressive Rock Journal

"Compositions flow, so often with unexpected twists and turns, always with a melodicism and beauty that sometimes left me breathless. The pace would change from somber, to majestic, to lilting, to pleading. And then back again. Rich. Textured. Emotional... Superb example of musicality, musicianship, compositional skill, intelligence, taste, and workmanlike commitment on this sophomore release from MOON LETTERS. For me - Essential: a masterpiece of progressive rock music."
- Steve Conrad, Progarchives

"Thank You From The Future will be another solid entry in my top-list of this year and I highly recommend it to symphonic prog fans. Trying to keep it short I'll finish by quoting the one remark I wrote down several times in my notes, besides bloody brilliant: what an immense joy!"
- Jan Buddenberg, DPRP

"..all the members create and play progressive rock from the bottom of their hearts. It is finished as a perfect soulful work with progressive love explosion."
- Yoshiyuki Ooseki / GENSOU SHINPI ONGAKUKAN (Fantasy Mysterious Music Hall)