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Schedule: Saturday, September 3rd

Lux Terminus photo

10:15am: Lux Terminus (US)

Keyboard-driven progressive rock, informed equally by metal, jazz fusion and cinematic music.

iNFiNiEN photo

12:30pm: iNFiNiEN (US)

Beautiful engulfing soundscapes, old world melodic lyricism, heavy metal riffs, explosive improvisation, futuristic synth textures, movie score level grandeur, and emotionally conscious lyrics.

ShwizZ photo

2:45pm: ShwizZ (US)

The powerhouse prog fusion band from New York... If Zappa, Yes, P-Funk and King Crimson had a love child, it would be named…ShwizZ

Nektar photo

5:15pm: Nektar (UK)

Reconstituted and energized, the legendary British band from Germany brings their epic progressive music to Storybook Farm.

Schedule: Sunday, September 4th

Jon Stickley Trio photo

10:30am: Jon Stickley Trio (US)

Transgressive acoustic music with wide ranging influences, masterfully integrated into a signature approach, expressing music that comes from the heart and the mind and speaks to both.

Aziola Cry photo

12:45pm: Aziola Cry (US)

An instrumental progressive metal band from Chicago mixing warr guitar, guitar and drums with massive riffs and complexity into a dark sonic landscape.

Cheer-Accident photo


A lineup comprised of various members who have come and gone over the past two decades, representing over 30 years of boundary-pushing, uncategorizable music.

Mike Keneally photo

5:45pm: Mike Keneally (US)

A special solo performance from the "leading progressive rock genius of the post-Zappa era" (All Music Guide).


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