ProgDay Bands

Schedule: Saturday, September 2nd

Perfect photo

10:30am • Perfect (US)

Engaging and relentless music, drawing from the trio’s wide musical taste encompassing avant-prog, jazz fusion, and everything in between.

12:15pm • You Bred Raptors? (US)

An orchestral post rock trio that aims to raise awareness about dinosaur cloning research.

2:45pm • Moon Letters (US)

Modern symphonic progressive rock blending progressive song structures with memorable melodies, technical complexity, and theatrical stage performances.

tu:NER photo

6:00pm • tu-NER (US)

The trio of TREY GUNN (ex King Crimson, David Sylvian), PAT MASTELOTTO (Stick Men, King Crimson), and MARKUS REUTER (Stick Men, Devin Townsend) will perform original miusic, improvs and also honor their King Crimnson / ProjeKcts DNA.

Schedule: Sunday, September 3rd

A Light Sleeper photo

11am • A Light Sleeper (US)

The Avant quartet from Chicago founded as "an ever-evolving quartet exploring collaborative composition from the bottom up” will be featuring music from their new album on Cuneiform Records.

1:00pm • Red Fiction (US)

From out of the ashes of Atomic Ape, the band creates an insane yet cohesive mashup of genres, traditions and inspirations to create a precise, streamlined and imaginative musical experience.

We Used To Cut The Grass Photo

3:30pm • We Used To Cut The Grass (US)

The experimental ensemble from Asbury Park brings its mix of jazz fusion and eclectic cross-genre arrangements.

Karmic Juggernaut photo

6:00pm • Karmic Juggernaut (US)

Eclectic music that combines elements of psychedelic rock, symphonic rock, funk, jazz, blues, jamband, world music, and whatever other genres might be appropriate at the time.


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