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PERFECT is an art/progressive rock band hailing from Northeast Ohio. Founded as It Is Today in 2019, Sam Holik, Jake Ross and Sam Colgrove came together with a goal to write constantly engaging and relentless music, drawing from the trio’s wide music taste encompassing avant-prog, jazz fusion, and everything in between. Ross and Holik (having played music together for two years prior) were impressed by the raw prowess of Colgrove, and it quickly became apparent that the group had chemistry. The trio would write and jam relentlessly over the course of the year. The single "Global" was released soon after in 2020, taking advantage of Holik’s interest in bold sound experimentation that pushes the envelope of music. 

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PERFECT would take a hiatus shortly after this. During the hiatus, the band honed their technique and approach, before a year of exhaustive composition that would see their debut album begin to take shape. PERFECT continued to play shows regularly with various guest musicians, eventually joined by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Ian Palmerton. After rehearsing with Palmerton, they recorded 2022's self-titled album Perfect, with material written by the trio performed over the previous three years. Included on the record were contributions from saxophonist Eric Perez, who would move to Philadelphia shortly before the release of the record.

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The sound of Perfect covers a lot of ground, from tightly composed sections, to full avant-garde freakouts. The influences of the band are not limited to traditional progressive rock influences, instead attempting to pursue a sound that is truly and literally “progressive”. The album was successful for the group, even the likes of Cedric Bixler-Zavala of The Mars Volta publicly noting his admiration for the record. A long string of performances supporting the album followed the release, with the band currently working on a follow-up record.

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(Vocals, Guitar, Percussion)





Perfect (2022)

Global (Single) (2020)

"All I can say is wow! This was love at first listen and easily made my top 10 of 2022 with a single listen. Second time proves even a better sustaining wow factor. This is the kind of prog I totally love! Just melodic enough for you to sink your teeth into something, PERFECT is a masterful act in juggling various stylistic approaches along with hairpin turns, adventurous musical gymnastics and a keen sense of keeping things both technical and psychedelic simultaneously. Just imagine the finger breaking dexterity of Yezda Urfa’s “Boris” along with the suave pacified chill factor of Happy The Man’s “Crafty Hands.” Add to that a jazz section reminiscent of Chicago based McLuan with a sense of compositional fortitude in the vein of The Muffins. Add a bit of Pentwater’s masterfully melodies and hard rock and you found your PERFECT band! And don’t forget a bit of King Crimson inspired Polyphony either."
- siLLy puPPy, Rate Your Music