We Used To Cut The Grass

WE USED TO CUT THE GRASS is an experimental large ensemble from Asbury Park, New Jersey led by bassist Cody McCorry. The band performs an eclectic mix of original jazz fusion and arrangements of everything from Bach to Britney Spears, uniquely orchestrated for horns, violin, two percussionists, bass and guitar. The ensemble's accomplishments include:

• Recording their first live single Woodpecker using 100% solar power.

• Composing and debuting their 45-minute experimental piece How to Seduce a Cactus in Asbury Park.

• Collaborating with the Vanguard Strings to release their arrangement of Igor Stravinsky's 1940 Tango.

• Performing multiple tours with Frank Zappa vocalist/guitarist Ike Willis.

• Performing at the NJ premiere of Thorsten Schütte's Zappa documentary, Eat That Question.

Heavily inspired by the ethos of experimental composers such as Zappa, John Zorn and Sun Ra, the band is currently promoting their first full length LP which was released in early 2022 and actively working on the follow-up.

We Used To Cut The Grass photo

We Used To Cut The Grass photo

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Cody McCorry Official Website

Music To Check Out:

Visitors Pomp Video and We Used To Cut The Grass #1 Streaming
• We Used To Cut The Grass #1 on Bandcamp
• Woodpecker (EP) on Bandcamp

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Videos To Check Out:

• "Lay Down Scully" on Youtube
• "Devo Variations" on Youtube
• "Shep's Lounge" on Youtube



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We Used To Cut The Grass cover

We Used To Cut The Grass #1 (2022)

Woodpecker (EP) (2015)

"...[We Used to Cut the Grass] explore more modernist and techno-friendly sound schemes within their non-negotiable avant-progressive vision. The devices typical of the escapist hedonism of pop-rock of the late 70s are naturally inserted into a sound frame where FRANK ZAPPA from the 78-82 period and the paradigm of THE RESIDENTS merge... We Used to Cut the Grass #1 is a marvelous album that reveals WE USED TO CUT THE GRASS as one of the most notable ensembles within the new batches of experimental jazz and avant-garde rock simultaneously... One of the best progressive records of the year in any aspect!"
- César Inca Mendoze Loyola, Contemporary Progressive Music Blog

"We Used To Cut The Grass, a band led by Cody McCorry that features most of the members of Thank You Scientist, released a set of songs on New Years Day called Visitors Pomp. Featuring samples from vintage sci-fi movies, brilliant instrumental work, tons of groove, and some incredible solos, this is one of those singular tracks that is both highly complex and also danceable"
- Thomas Hatton, Proglodytes

"A deep connection between plenty of horns, pleasing riffs and a satisfying tight groove. This one will be greatly appreciated by everyone who balances between jazz, progressive rock and anywhere in between."
- Secret Eclectic

"Are you looking for a delicate mix of jazz, rock and clip-based music? Do you hope that someone can carry on Zappa's legacy without being inside the dynasty? Here you have a group from New Jersey who play like newborn prodigies à la Mozart, without the nasty humor. They have previously participated in exciting projects with Zappa members and performances of Stravinsky's material. Now they have their very own canvas to paint on!... Visitors Pomp I is the music for the alien invasion. The sound of the invasion is the most lush, brassy, jazzy and groovy way doomsday has been portrayed since Funkadelic landed on our planet. Visitors Pomp also has an incredible guitar solo that will give any gray or green man or woman goosebumps ... a fresh mescaline dose of 50's flying saucer paranoia in prog-Zappa-jazz with hints of contemporary music, rock and new wave too. Here you may get a hidden treasure that no one has heard of and that must be spread on our planet, if not to other solar systems."
- Herman Østby, Under Dusken