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You Bred Raptors?

YOU BRED RAPTORS? is an orchestral post-rock ensemble with the Music Under New York Program. We here at YOU BRED RAPTORS? have built our history on performance. Where other bands woodshed, drill and make their name in the studio or rehearsal space, we have ALWAYS thrived in public. From our first busking show in 2010 we have made it our ethos to perform, improvise and create in front of crowds. Our songs and sound are built, crafted and evolved in real time in front of strangers. Because of this, our sound takes on a life of its own. With everyone's genuine and honest reactions, both good and bad, we have learned to hone these songs while never letting them get old for us.

Made up of Peat Rains on 8-string bass, Tara Hanish on cello, and featuring Danny Sher on glockenspiels and drums, YOU BRED RAPTORS? has provided scoring work for independent film and television and has toured over 100 cities and 5 countries. They have held residencies across the NYC boroughs, and have sold out the Gramercy Theater, the Bowery Ballroom, and the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

YOU BRED RAPTORS? has spoken and performed at an official TED Talk, and has been the House band for Sleep No More Off-Broadway, Adult Swim at Comic Con, and The NYC Toy Fair.

The band has an array of endorsements ranging from custom instruments and strings to pedal companies and clothing lines. 

Collectively and individually, members of YOU BRED RAPTORS? have performed alongside: Yoko Ono at MoMA, YoYo Ma, Phish, The Foo Fighters, Spoon, Janelle Monae, Snarky Puppy, Consider the Source, Stu Hamm, The Protomen, and Secret Chiefs 3, among others. They have been featured in/on: Good Day New York, WNYC Radio, The Economist, The Atlantic Magazine, Strings Magazine, Bass Guitar Magazine, and various podcasts.

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Peat Rains is the founder of YOU BRED RAPTORS?, and is a musician from early childhood. He is a lifetime member of the Music Under New York Program, and has contributed music to film, theatre, and tv. Peat is sponsored by no less than 10 music gear companies, and has collaborated with Conklin Guitars to develop a signature 8-string bass designed and produced to his custom specifications. He also has a line of custom strings; Epileptic Peat Raptor Fences, produced by Kurt Mangan Fusion Matched Strings.

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Classically trained, Tara has performed with Yo Yo Ma, Joshua Bell, The Foo Fighters (at the Grammy Awards), Michael Bublé, Josh Groban, Barry Manilow, The Transiberian Orchestra, Patrizia Buanne, Smokey Robinson, Diana Krall, and Randy Newman. She is a board member at the Violoncello society of New York, and has taught on faculty at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music in Park Slope, Queens College Preparatory in Flushing, Suzuki on the Island in Manhasset, and the JCC Thurnauer School of Music in Tenafly, New Jersey.


Danny Sher is one of New York City’s most sought after session musicians. As a master of jazz and rock drumming, his abilities are organic and pliable, making him the perfect beat maker for live and recorded music alike. Danny hopes to teach the next crop of great drummers through virtual lessons that he hosts online from his home in Brooklyn. Danny earned his B.A. in Jazz Performance at The New School in Manhattan, NY, and has Studied With jazz legends Carl Allen, Ari Hoenig, Ralph Peterson, and Michael Carvin. He has performed With: Myron Walden, Greg Tardy, Sana Nagano, Keyon Harrold, Logan Richardson, Peter Evans, John Escreet, Horse Torso, Bear Ceuse, and countless others.

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(Drums & Glockenspiels)


Lysine cover

Lysine (2023)

International Genetics cover

International Genetics (2017)

Grant cover

Grant (2014)

Pickpocket cover

Pickpocket (Single) (2013)

Hammond cover

Hammond (2012)

Hem & Haw cover

Hem & Haw (Single) (2012)

Muldoon cover

Muldoon (2011)

Lex & Tim cover

Lex & Tim (2010)

"Assuredly, the lovers of strange, experimental, atmospheric, imaginative and instrumental music will revel in this alum and the band in general...give yourself the chance to listen to something out of the ordinary, but so enchanting and artistic."
- Thanos Grande,
Grande Rock

"YBR? make a sound totally unlike anyone. I love this band. This is my new favorite...What a sound. NO ONE SOUNDS LIKE YOU BRED RAPTORS?."
- Phil King, Audio Fuzz

"It's hair-raising stuff, an incredible live performance...You Bred Raptors? swing from strings to thudding bass-lines to rapid-fire percussion and how the hell is the guitarist playing lead guitar and bass at the same time?"
- Remy C., Best of
Music and Film

"Already praised by Good Day New York, WNYC Radio, The Economist, The Atlantic Magazine, Strings Magazine and Bass Guitar Magazine, among other media outlets, You Bred Raptors? are continuing to catch the eyes and ears of music tastemakers across the country"
- SB Staff,
Sound Brigade

"They make up an entire color palette of intriguing melodies and patterns, that when combined with a live performance deliver a truly engaging experience."
- Karol Kaminski, Idioteq