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Purchasing Tickets

This year's ProgDay will take place over the streaming site. For more information about StageIt, please visit the VENUE page.

Stageit's currency is called Notes.
1 Note = 10¢.
Therefore 10 Notes = $1.
The minimum purchase is 50 notes ($5) at a time.

In order to attend a show, you first must create a free account. Then you may buy Notes and use them to get performance tickets. For instance, if the ticket price is $10 for a performance, then you will use 100 Notes to purchase the ticket.

Notes are also used to tip additional money during a show. There is a tip button in the bottom left of the performance screen that allows you to type in the amount you wish to tip.

Tickets to the Virtual ProgDay 2020 performances must be bought individually. There are two ways to purchase tickets:

1) Go to the BANDS page. Use the individual ticket links provided with each band description to buy a ticket to the show. The link will take you directly to the StageIt page for the performance.

2) Use the following link to the ProgStock Presents page on StageIt: This link will take you to the ProgStock Presents roster of shows. You will find links there to all of the individual ProgDay performances.

Note that when buying a ticket, the price shown is a minimum that you can pay. If you wish to get more money to the artists, you have the option of paying more for the ticket than the required minimum.

Also, some may notice that the performance length listing for shows on the ProgStock roster is 30 minutes. This is not the actual performance length. It is an initial default setting for StageIt's listings and will eventually be changed to match the timings shown in the bio information for each show.

ProgDay is a non-profit cultural event and an official production of Musical Arts Progressive Society, Inc. (MAPS). MAPS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which advocates for, educates about and promotes national and international musical artists creating progressive and innovative music.


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