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Virtual ProgDay 2020

Due to the pandemic and the necessary cancellation of the physical ProgDay event at Storybook Farm, this year the festival has moved online to present two days of virtual streaming performances.

Virtual ProgDay 2020 is being presented over Labor Day weekend as part of the ProgStock Presents Virtual Series. This is a weekly musical showcase put together by Thomas Palmieri and Ann Rinaldi of ProgStock. The shows stream online through

Please note that ProgStock is not getting anything for this. With their prior experience streaming events, they are doing it to help out. All funds raised will go to the artists and ProgDay. Thank you Tom and Ann!

Below is information about how works, and how to attend Virtual ProgDay 2020.

Virtual ProgDay 2020 Venue:

The idea behind is to provide an easily accessable online performance option where artists control the conditions and fans can experience more intimate interaction with the artist. Fans buy virtual tickets to a show using StageIt's virtual currency called "Notes" (1 Note = 10¢ USD). Fans can chat with artists and other like-minded fans and tip additional money throughout the show.


The website is easy to use. Just go to and create a free account. Then you may purchase Notes. These are used for show tickets and for tips. That's all there is to it.
NOTE: As a viewer, the times shown will not be synced with your particular time zone until you create an account and login.


Notes are Stageit's currency. 1 Note = 10¢. Therefore 10 Notes = $1. The minimum purchase is 50 notes ($5) at a time. There is a Notes link in the upper right hand corner of the screen during shows which will allow you to easily get more Notes for tipping during an event.


- Browser:
Google Chrome (recommended), Firefox and Safari can also be used.
StageIt does not officially support IE6, IE7 and Opera browsers.

- Internet Speed:
5 Mbps or higher download speeds (recommended). You can test the speed of your internet connection at

- Mobile:
Shows can be viewed on mobile devices, including iOS and most Android devices.

- Smart TV's:
You will not be able to click the player. StageIt recommends casting via Chromecast or a similar app for viewers that desire to watch on their TV.

StageIt does not require viewers to have Flash installed to view a show.


Photographers: Juan Joy - Pain Of Salvation, Happy The Man, Mike Keneally, Arti é Mestieri

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Pain of Salvation photo

Pain Of Salvation

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Happy The Man

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Mike Keneally

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Deus Ex Machina

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Arti é Mestieri