ProgDay Music

For your convenience, all of the music samples for this year's ProgDay bands are collected here.

Bubblemath (US)

Edit Peptide cover

from Edit Peptide (2017):

"The Sensual Con"

Ephemeral Sun (US)

Lord Of Hounds cover

from Lord Of Hounds (2017):


Hedersleben (Multinational)

The Fall Of Chronopolis cover

from The Fall Of Chronopolis (2015):

• "An Empire"


Light At The Endless Tunnel cover

from Light At The Endless Tunnel (2016):

• "Aya"
• "Oasis"
• "If You Were A Song"

Pär Lindh (Sweden)

Time Mirror cover  Gothic Impressions cover

from Time Mirror(2011):
"Sky Door"

from Gothic Impressions (1994):
"Gunnlev's Round"

Shylock (France)

Il de Fievre cover

from Ile de Fièvre (1978):

"Ile de Fièvre"

Sonar (Switzerland)

"Black Light" from Black Light:

"Static Motion" from Static Motion:

Sonus Umbra (US)

Panopticon cover  Winter Soulstice cover

from Beyond The Panopticon (2015):
"Alone Together Alone"

from Winter Soulstice (2013):
"Insomniac Blue"
"Rebuke The Sea"


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Bubblemath photo


Ephemeral Sun photo

  Ephemeral Sun

Hedersleben photo


iNFiNiEN photo


Par Lindh photo

  Pär Lindh

Shylock photo


Sonar photo


Sonus Umbra photo

  Sonus Umbra

David Torn photo

  David Torn